Portfolio Company Value Addition

Operating Experience

Savvy entrepreneurs are looking for investors who can help them grow their business and share best practices in addition to providing capital. The investment professionals at Adlevo Capital have a combination of operating and financial experience and are thus uniquely equipped to work with the management of portfolio companies to drive operational improvements and enhance value.

Introductions and Support in New Markets

Companies in sub-Saharan Africa are increasingly pursuing expansion opportunities outside their home markets. Adlevo Capital is well positioned to provide its portfolio companies with access to networks and opportunities into the major African and global growth regions through its office in Lagos.

Silicon Valley Network

As technology adoption increases the interconnectedness of people and companies around the world and the pace of technology adoption in sub-Saharan Africa increases, it is becoming important for technology-enabled companies in the region to understand how upcoming technological change could impact their businesses. Through its network in Silicon Valley, the Adlevo Capital team has access to top technologists and venture capitalists that are catalysts for technological innovation. The market intelligence gained from interacting with this network will enable Adlevo Capital to provide a unique perspective to its portfolio companies.

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Source: McKinsey & Company